PD: Up to 300,000 weekend visitors expected in Tempe

TEMPE, AZ - Thousands of sports fans will descend on Tempe when Stanford takes on ASU to find out which team will be going to the Rose Bowl.

But the game isn't the only event going on Saturday. Tempe is host to multiple major events including shows at ASU Gammage, an art festival on Mill Avenue, an NCAA women's basketball game and much more.

Tempe police expect up to 300,000 visitors. And some local business owners are ready to take advantage of the surplus in customers.

Sonny Thurman co-owns the Gringo Star Street bar on Mill Avenue in Tempe. He says more business is a positive for him but he knows it's going to be a busy day.               

"It's going to be all hands on deck," Thurman says.

He says normal game days on Mill are pretty busy but throw in the art festival and it goes to a whole new level.

"We ordered extra food, we have extra cooks in here and extra runners," Thurman said Friday night.

ASU student Erika Osborne plans to take the light rail to meet her family at the game. And they already know that traffic will be heavy.

She says her family told her to "make sure to leave early, make sure I have enough time because there's going to be a lot of people."

Fellow student Olivia Christiani is going to root for her team away from the crowds.

"I plan on watching the game, but from downtown Phoenix," she says. "I'll be away from all the madness!"

Hundreds of students have been camped out for days in front of the Wells Fargo Arena in hopes of getting a good view during the game.

All worth it to them if they get to witness their beloved Sun Devils play in the Rose Bowl.

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