PD: ASU student recruit seriously burned at frat party

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe police detectives tell ABC15 an aggravated assault investigation is underway after a 17-year old girl was severely burned at an ASU fraternity party.

"The victim was in town as a student recruit looking at the campus and went to this fraternity where the incident happened," said Tempe Sgt. Michael Pooley.

The teen, a high school student from California, was taken to the Maricopa Medical Center Burn Unit for treatment.

ABC15 obtained a photo of the girl that shows severe burns on the teen's legs.

According to witnesses, the teen was standing next to a type of bonfire when a male threw vodka on the fire.

"It just spread right to her," said one witness describing the flames.

Both witnesses spoke to ABC15 asking their names not be released.

One witness said the person who threw the vodka actually did it twice, with the second throw causing the girl to catch fire.

"We smelled the burning hair, the burning skin," the witness told ABC15.

Witnesses told ABC15 the vodka splashed onto the girl setting her on fire and then she fell.

"She went to the ground and people were just on top of her," said one witness.

Pooley said after the girl caught fire and was being helped by others, members of the fraternity made their own request to the victim.

"After she received the burns, she was asked to leave the party to go down the street and wait for the fire department to get there because they were afraid the police were going to get there and there was obviously underage drinking going on," said Pooley.

The teen was taken to the burn center and her parents flew in from California.

"An investigation is underway that involves aggravated assault. This young lady is going to have some scars she'll never forget," said Pooley.

While the incident, according to Pooley, happened at a fraternity house, it did not occur on Arizona State University property.

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