PD: 5 ASU students beaten in fight at Tempe apartments

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe police have arrested five people after several ASU students were assaulted at an apartment complex occupied by DKE fraternity members, authorities said.

Police said a fight broke out around 3:30 a.m. at the complex near McClintock and University drives.

The fight began with two people and the ASU students over a teenage girl who had stopped by after her high school prom.

During the initial fight one person sustained serious head injuries and was taken to the hospital by his friends, according to police.

The suspects fled the area as they were confronted and attacked by a number of residents. Police said that as the suspects fled they were heard yelling they would return with more people and weapons.

Police said they were not notified about this first incident or the injured victim.

Then around 4 a.m. one of the original suspects returned to the apartments with four other people and began assaulting the victims with bats, hitting one victim in the head causing a very serious injury, police said.

Three other victims were beaten and sustained injuries that required hospital treatment.

After the assaults, two of the suspects pulled out handguns and began firing multiple shots in the air before fleeing the apartments in a vehicle, according to police.

As the second assault was occurring, a Tempe police patrol sergeant heard the gunshots coming from the area. Also, police said, witnesses, victims and neighbors began to call 911.

Police said as the sergeant responded he saw the suspect vehicle coming toward him at a high rate of speed and he made a traffic stop.

All the occupants fled on foot, some of which threw their weapons, police said.

Several officers responded and a perimeter was set up in the neighborhood.

The five people arrested include: Caleb Everett, 20, Isaiah Everett, 19, Zack Rezendes, 18, Clarissa Casillas, 19, Michael Reyes, 19. All but Reyes were booked into jail.

ASU released a statement on Monday to ABC15:

"The university's thoughts are with the ASU students who were injured in the fight over the weekend, and our wish is for their full recovery. The safety of our students is the university's top priority, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for behavior that puts our students at risk.

None of the individuals who were arrested as a result of this incident, which took place at an unsanctioned party at an off-campus location, were ASU students. We will review the results of the Tempe Police investigation into this incident, as well as conduct our own investigation, and will take whatever measures are necessary to minimize the risk of such an incident occurring in the future."

Mark Enz, who lives next door, saw some of the brutal results that came out of the fight.

"The one gentleman was holding a tag to his chin like this and I don't know if he's one of the ones that went to the hospital or was going to go to the hospital," he said.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.

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