Pat's Run participants remember Boston Marathon bombing victims

TEMPE, AZ - With sadness and resolve, thousands of runners are ready for the 9th Annual Pat's Run in Tempe.
The run honors former ASU football player Pat Tillman who was killed in Afghanistan after giving up a professional football career to serve in the military.
With the run just days after the bombings in Boston, many runners are dedicating their run to the memories of the of victims.
"We won't run away," said Mark Cosmas who owns iRun sports shop in Phoenix.

Cosmas wasn't going to run but changed his mind after the bombing.
"The bombing wasn't about running, it was just another attack on our way of life," he said. "We'll continue to live our life the way we live our lives."
Runners registering for the run at Sun Devil Stadium Friday said they couldn't help but think about the bombings.
"I don't want my kids to live in fear," said Amber Mauk who is running for the first time with her father. They are originally from Boston.

"I want them to know to be strong," Mauk said.
Security will be high but Tempe Police would not give out details about security protocols. They urge people not to take backpacks and other bags to the event.
About 28,000 people are expected to participate in this year's event.

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