Arizona State University unveils new logo

TEMPE, AZ - New or old? Which Arizona State University logo is better?

ASU on Tuesday revealed its new logo: A pitchfork sans well-known mascot, Sparky.

The Sun Devils unveiled the Nike-designed logo at 2 p.m. as part of their new uniforms for each sports team.

"There was a lack of real consistency with regard to our brand," said Lisa Love, vice president of University Athletics. "This partnership with Nike, which began nearly a decade ago for uniforms, will springboard us to a new level of branding."

ASU officials say no state funds were used in the logo change, according to ABC15's Tim Vetscher, who tweeted from the announcement in Tempe. Nike reportedly footed the bill for the redesign and a donor paid for the new uniforms.

A new font was also created, which ASU says is exclusive to the school.

"I like it a lot," said basketball coach Herb Sendek. "It's a good look."

Although Sparky is no longer prominent on the uniforms, he is expected to remain the school mascot.

"I like the helmets, the jerseys, everything about it is real cool," said ASU football player Gerell Robinson.

The change was such a hot topic on Tuesday that "Sparky" became a trending topic on across the United States.

"As an athletics program and a university, we have undergone many changes over ASU's 100-year history," Love said. "We have studied our past and are fully committed to moving boldly forward into the future."

Minutes after the logo was revealed, we asked what viewers thought on the ABC15 Facebook page .

On the ABC15 wall, Randy DeLano Sr. wrote, "I hate it. Sparky is and always will be ASU!"

Sandy Marrs wrote, "It is different, classy looking. I like it, but other folks will not because it is different and a change from the old."

Check out the YouTube video below about why the changes were made.

What do you think of the new logo vs. the old logo? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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