Mothers rally for childbirth rights in Tempe

TEMPE, AZ - Mothers took to the street in Tempe Monday bringing a different meaning to Labor Day by rallying for women's rights when giving birth. 

About two dozen women gathered as part of the third annual Rally to Improve Birth event, one of 170 rallies happening around the country. 

Their goal is to spread awareness about evidence-based care. Demonstrators believe many new moms aren't given the full story when they're in labor about the harms and benefits of different treatment options.

They believe some women are being induced when it's convenient for the doctor and not always because it's in the best interest of the patient.

They say other women are pressured into using drugs when they had planned on a natural birth. 

Supporters say more mothers-to-be need to become educated so they're not taken advantage of when they're most vulnerable.

Kayla Svedin said, "I deserve informed consent and I deserve to be able to make those decisions and not just say you're too emotional now to make that choice."

Svedin says her doctor pushed for delivery at 37 weeks, insisting she was actually 38 weeks along and full term, despite Svedins argument to the contrary.  She was given medication to induce labor and spent five days in the hospital making little progress. 

"First night after induction they were pressuring me the whole time to have a C-section," Svedin said.

She finally went into labor and says her daughter Sarah weighed just five pounds. 

Baby Sarah was healthy, but Svedin says she was lucky and wished she had trusted her instincts. Now, she's trying to empower more expectant mothers to know their rights.

"As a patient you always have the option to say 'no, I don't want to do this,'" she said.

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