Ryan Festa cleared as suspect in Scottsdale rape case

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A man who turned himself in to police in connection with two rapes in Scottsdale has been cleared as a suspect in the case.

During a Thursday news conference, Scottsdale police Sgt. Mark Clark said DNA does not match that of 22-year-old Ryan Festa.

"And the DNA profile our lab put together from one of the crimes does not have a match with any in the system," said Clark referring to a national criminal database.

Festa turned himself in after seeing a police sketch broadcast on local media stations.

His attorney, Bernard Garcia, told police that Festa has a brain injury and is susceptible to suggestion.
Festa was released from jail over the weekend when a judge found there wasn't enough evidence to hold him in connection with the attacks.

Clark said there are still active leads coming in about the case, but no suspects.

"All we can do is work every lead that comes in and hope that something is going to get generated from either the community meetings or a call to Silent Witness that's going to be the key," said Clark moments before a community meeting where officers discussed the situation with more than a hundred concerned residents.

Detectives made it clear people should report suspicious activity and take a close look at the sketch of the wanted man.

"The sketch is still valid and it's a very good sketch thanks to the details a victim was able to provide," said Clark.

Currently the wanted man is believed to be connected to two rapes over a six day period.

If you have any information, call Silent Witness at 480-Witness.

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