Jack Culolias search: Clarivoyant offers services to family of missing ASU student

TEMPE, AZ - A Valley spiritual advisor and clairvoyant said she believes there will soon be answers in the investigation of a missing ASU student .

Melinda Vail tells ABC15 that she was contacted by the family of 19-year-old Jack Culolias, who has been missing since November 30th.

He was last seen at Cadillac Ranch at a fraternity event. He was kicked out and has not been seen since.

Police found one of his shoes near Tempe Marketplace and searched the area a second time last week after someone reported a possible body in the water.

Vail said that she has been able to provide information to the police, but would not give specifics out of respect to the family and the investigation.

"I'm getting names of people both living and dead," she said. "They are pieces to a puzzle."

Vail, who has hundreds of clients in the Valley, said she is able to tap into energy that allows her to get information and connect with the dead.

She would not say whether she believes Culolias is dead, but said her job is to provide help regardless.

"Any outcome is the right outcome if you have a spiritual belief," she said. "It is just how you adjust to it."

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