Greyhound bus driver attacked, passenger Jeff Hawkins steps in to help (VIDEO)

TEMPE, AZ - Tempe resident Jeff Hawkins was sound asleep on the Greyhound bus that was involved in a crash more than 60 miles west of Phoenix in January.

But according to the Department of Public Safety, 25-year-old Maquel Morris would interrupt it all.

“I thought he slipped and went face first into the floor,” said a stunned Hawkins.

But newly released surveillance footage on the bus shows Morris attacking the bus driver.

An accompanying DPS report indicates Morris was high on meth at the time, as well as very paranoid, telling them at the time of the arrest he thought someone was trying to kill him.

Hawkins can be seen in the footage trying to pull Morris off of the driver.

"I can see he's grabbing the steering wheel and trying to, one struggling, one pulling, the other pulling the other,” said Hawkins.

In the process, Hawkins broke his sternum and injured his ribs after falling on a divider.

“I could hear the crunching of the bones as they were broke,” said Hawkins. "Rubbing against each other as I tried to move.”

Hawkins says he thought that was it, calling up family members, telling them, he might not make it.

His mother Dorothy, who joined him Friday as he watched the surveillance footage for the first time, remembers the call.

"You're helpless,” said Dorothy. "And I don't like to be helpless."

Hawkins says it's still hard to breathe at times, but it's much better than not breathing at all.

“The thought runs across my mind, every single day,” said Hawkins. “I mean you can't just sit there and watch someone kill you.”

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