CTR Guns in Tempe aims to meet customer demand

TEMPE, AZ - The minute you walk in to CTR Guns in Tempe, chances are you'll hear the phone ringing.

"It's been ringing quite a bit and you know a lot of people are looking for specific guns and really trying to figure out what is going on with the President's actions ," said store owner John Webster.

Webster said over the past month business has been busy and Wednesday felt like a game of catch up.

"Initially it's great, I moved the inventory I had in my store but I can't purchase anything," said Webster as the phone rang next him.

He said every distributor and manufacturer he has called, there's a long wait for deliveries.

"The manufacturers are backlogged for months," said Webster.

In fact, Webster said he had 20 of the popular AR-15's just a few weeks ago and early Wednesday, he only had one.

"I'm down to about 20-percent to what I had a month ago," said Webster while referring to his total inventory.

With so many first time buyers, Webster also spends a lot of time educating people about the guns.

"You know the popularity is there, people love their guns, it's in our foundation," said Webster.

The store owner also said he has seen a sharp increase in one particular type of buyer.

"The demographic of women buying guns has increased dramatically," said Webster.

The Tempe business owner said it will take some time to determine what kind of effects Obama's actions will have on his business.

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