Black Friday lines are already forming across Valley

TEMPE, AZ - From Best Buy to Sears stores you will see tents, TVs and generators lined up at the front of the doors in the Valley.

It seems Black Friday starts earlier each year.  This year lines have been forming for days.

"Oh that's the whole point.  Be first in line or forget it," said first in line shopper Cisco Sarmiento at the Best Buy in Tempe. 

He says it's the same old faces every year and to forget about a good night of sleep.  "It's more like napping," he said. "People come by and honk their horn. You are pretty tired after three days."

Sarmiento says the experts all know how to do it, but it's the beginners who can cause trouble. "They don't know the rules and try to rush in and cause scenes like you see in some places."

Best Buy has guard rails up and a system in place to keep an orderly flow.

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