ASU vs. UofA: Rivalries run high at tailgate parties

TEMPE, AZ - Some call it the Duel in the Desert, but it could also be known as Arizona's biggest party.

Extravagant tailgate parties are not hard to come by and team loyalties run deep when the ASU Sun Devils play the UofA Wildcats.

Fans on both sides of the rivalry know exactly how to prepare for the Big Game.

Everywhere at Sun Devil Stadium Saturday night people were grilling, socializing and reconnecting with old classmates.

Some of the tailgaters didn't even have tickets, they just sat outside the stadium to watch the game.

Even in families with a house divided, the energy was palpable.

One group calling themselves the Sun Devil Extravaganza began with about 15 high school friends 8 years ago and has grown to a crowd of 300 people. They have 400 pounds of BBQ, a live DJ and even sport matching sunglasses and T-shirts.

Some fans had their own theories on the outcome, but even with this historic rivalry, everyone's goal is to enjoy.

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