ASU testing out new technology on the field

TEMPE, AZ - ASU's football team is participating in a study designed to advance athlete concussion detection and treatment.

Researchers will monitor the players' changing molecular information of typical head impact exposure associated with football practice and games throughout the season. Forty helmets have special technology that monitors and records every time a player sustains any kind of significant head impact.

That data is immediately transferred to a team of researchers on the sidelines.

Neurologist Javier Cardenas with Barrow Neurological Institute is helping with the study. He says he hopes through this data, concussions can be detected quicker and more accurately through a simple test.

"The following day we take a blood and urine and saliva and with this information we can determine," said Dr. Cardenas. "Its markers are relevant for an injury and also to see objectively how people are recovering."

Cardenas says the results will help create new tests that could take the guessing out of diagnosing a concussion.

The study involves multiple companies such as Riddell, Translational Genomics Research Institute ( TGen ) and Barrow Neurological Institute.

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