ASU student Joshua Shane missing during trip to Thailand

TEMPE, AZ - An Arizona State University student is missing Wednesday morning after a late-night swim in Thailand, according to ASU.

Joshua Shane, 21, is believed to have drowned after he went swimming in an area popular among tourists. A crew of roughly 20 marine officers were out searching for his body Tuesday night.

"ASU is deeply saddened and we offer our condolences to the family and friends of Joshua Shane," wrote ASU spokeswoman Julie Newberg in an email.

According to the Phuket Wan Tourism News, Shane was with four other students and went swimming around 10 p.m. Tuesday at Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand.

Phuket Wan reports that the students were in trouble because rip currents were strong. Shane and another student were pulled underwater. The other student was able to make it to shore and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Shane has not been seen since.

Alan Morison, a reporter with Phuket Wan, says the beach is deadly for many tourists who are not aware of weather conditions in the area. 

Authorities are not warning tourists enough about the dangers of monsoon season, he said. 

According to Morison, monsoon season runs from April through November. That's when rip currents are strong. 

Patong Beach has signs designating it as a swim area. It's located near a hotel.

Morison estimated that 55 people drowned last year in Phuket. Roughly half of those victims drowned in beaches.

Many of them were tourists, he said.

Marine police crews planned to search for Shane's body in the morning.  Morison says it's unlikely that this will be a rescue mission. 

Phuket Wan spoke with some of the ASU students on the trip with Shane. He says they are grieving and shocked by the event. 

The students said they planned to stay in Thailand until Shane's body is recovered.

Scripps station 41 Action News in Kansas City told ABC15 that Shane is originally from Olathe, Kansas.

Shane and the group of ASU students were in Phuket after visiting Bangkok and Chiang Mai, according to Phuket Wan Tourism News.

Newberg said Shane was a sustainability major at ASU who was studying abroad.

His family has been notified, she said.

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