ASU student, Dalyn Gilbert, signs up for one-way ticket to Mars; if accepted, ships lands in 2023

TEMPE, AZ - The colonization year is set. In 2022, mankind will colonize Mars. Maybe.

Mars One is currently seeking 500,000 applicants from volunteers who are willing to travel to Mars and never return.

"My friends say I'm perfect for the job because I'm crazy and ready to just dive in," said Dalyn Gilbert, an aeronautical aerospace engineering student at Arizona State University.

Gilbert is hoping to be one a few dozen who will end up in the colonization party in the next decade.

Mars One will select some of the Mars inhabitants, the others will be selected by the population of Earth.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Gilbert told ABC15.

Gilbert is hoping his entry video gains enough attention to help secure him a coveted seat.

Entries will be accepted through August 31.

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