ASU police use bait bikes to track thieves

TEMPE, AZ - ASU police are turning to technology and temptation to track and catch bike thieves that have become a growing problem on the Tempe campus.

During the school year, there can be as many as 10,000 bikes on campus. Last year, nearly 500 were stolen and that is just the cases that were reported.

"They are doing it like a business and selling them for money or drugs," said ASU Police Commander Jim Hardina.

One estimate puts bike theft at nearly one million cases a year nationwide.

This year, ASU police are battling back.

Along with regular patrols, they are hoping thieves will target their bait bikes. A half-dozen bikes of different kinds are retro-fitted with GPS devices to stop thieves in their tracks.

Hardina adds, "So when you see a bike you won't know if it belongs to police or a student."

The program should kick off in the next few weeks, according to Hardina.

He also suggests students register their bikes so they can prove it belongs to them.

ASU also has tips on how to lock your bike on their website .

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