ASU police take on campus crime using social media

TEMPE, AZ - Police at Arizona State University are using social media to help curb crime on campus.

They have set up a Facebook page , where they post safety tips, important emergency numbers and from time to time, they'll send out advisories.

The alerts make students aware of non-life threatening incidents like small fires, crime trends, building closures and power outages.

Commander Jim Hardina reminds students bike theft is a big problem on campus, so they should always be aware and use two locks when attaching a bike to a rack.

During the first couple of weeks, Tempe police, Department of Public Safety and Maricopa Sheriff's Office will help with enforcement in and around the Tempe campus.

ASU police will focus on pedestrian safety. During the first week, they will issue warnings to jaywalkers and those who ride their bikes on the wrong side of the street.

Tempe police and DPS will focus on traffic violations, DUI and underage drinking.

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