ASU grad student turns app idea into cash in the bank

TEMPE - When it comes to smartphone apps, there are thousand and thousands of them.  Some make a lot of money but most of them don't.  Arizona State University graduate student, Aaron Packer, noticed the app frenzy that was happening.

"Everywhere you would go you'd hear about apps apps apps." said Packer.

He's studying math at ASU but has always enjoyed computer programming and though creating a mobile app would be fun.  In his free time he began working on an idea from one of his friends.  It quickly consumed his time.

"1 hour will turn into 4 hours and then before you know it you're like, ugh!  I'm probably going to get carpal tunnel in the next 5 years." said Packer.

The app is called Tablet Talk .  It's a link between your Android smartphone and Android tablet.  It transfers your text messages from your phone to your tablet in real time.  If you reply on your tablet, the app will route that text message back out to your phone and then off to the recipient.  

What started out as a hobby for Packer quickly blew up.  At first he gave the app away for free.

"People kept telling me, we would gladly pay for it, you should sell this." explained Packer.

So he did.   The app is now $2.99 .  He expects to hit 50,000 copies sold by January.  He didn't get into the numbers but the math is simple.  Google keeps 30% of the income so if he hits 50,000 copies Packer will have made a total of $104,650!  This hobby has become pretty lucrative for this Sun Devil.

"I never would have anticipated making money from it ever.  It's been a wild ride but it's been fun." added Packer.

Packer says he's saving most of the money as a safety once he graduates from ASU.  

Check the app out for yourself on any Android tablet and smartphone in the Google Play store.

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