Arizona teen lured for sex on Craigslist

TEMPE - A Tempe mother is scared for her daughter, and angry at police, after a man tried to lure the teen for sex online.

It started when Monica Myers' daughter Katylynn put an ad on Craigslist offering babysitting services.

But the response she got from a 22-year-old man seemed more interested in sexual services.

"He got her number, called her and said 'if you want to make more money I'll give you 50 or 60 dollars for sexual services,'" Myers said.

Myers says the man sent X-rated emails and naked pictures to the girl. After that, Myers had seen enough and called police. 

Myers said she worked with police to set up a "sting operation" to catch the man at an apartment complex nearby.

Myers said police took the man into custody at the scene, but then let him go; telling her they didn't have enough evidence to prove a crime had been committed.

"He went on that site to find teenage girls," said Myers. "I'm frustrated because now he knows where we live."

Tempe police told ABC15 they now believe a crime has probably been committed. 

They said that they have identified the suspect and will continue to investigate.

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