Arizona teen Justin Jordan working on getting Master's degree from ASU

TEMPE, AZ - Arizona State University is home to more than 50,000 students. 

Most of them enter at around 18 years old, but Justin Jordan is a little different.

He's about to graduate and he just TURNED 18 years old.

"I'm graduating in May with my Bachelor's, and then I am planning on doing my Master's in the 4+1 program at ASU and graduating in 2014 with my Master's in Chemical Engineering," Justin said.

Justin took his first college course at just 13. He breezed through high school courses in less than two years.

After turning 18 just last month, he's looking forward to finishing the Master's program and getting to work developing alternative fuels.

"Like reactor design. I enjoy doing that stuff, so even if it's difficult, I find it fun," he said.

Justin said he only sleeps around two hours a night. He spends most of his time reading and studying, but it's not all book work.

"I try and get out and hike, and play soccer, and hang out with friends," he said.

His mom, Lori, said she knew Justin was special early on. "He was always ahead right from the get-go," she said.

Despite the fast pace of his learning, she's tried to keep him grounded.

"He's the one that pushes and pushes himself; it's certainly not been me. I just try to find every opportunity I can to help him achieve his goals," she said.

With both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in sight, for Justin, the sky's the limit.


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