Arizona's issues spark new comic book

TEMPE, AZ - A Valley man inspired by the news and controversy in Arizona has created a comic book that tackles the big issues.

Move over Superman, make way for Speed Cameron, June Monsoon and Dust Devil.

They are three key characters in Russ Kazmierczak Jr.'s " Amazing Arizona Comics ." 

Kazmierczak, a Peoria native, created the comic series in 2010 in the heat of the debate over Arizona's immigration bill, SB1070, and other hot button issues.

"With Governor Brewer and Sheriff Arpaio always in the news I thought to myself this is already almost a comic book," he said.

In one issue, Speed Cameron, a living speed camera, helps Arpaio in one of his sweeps. In another he interacts with Gov. Brewer during her September debate with Terry Goddard.

Kazmierczak, who lived out of state for many years, saw what was happening in Arizona and was inspired.

He now works in Tempe and is getting ready to show his series at a world renowned convention in San Diego later this month.

Russ said while political issues are targeted in the series it isn't meant to target any one political party. 

There are bar codes on some pages that when scanned with a smart phone will take the reader to a YouTube video or a news article about the issue.

The comic books are being sold in local comic book stores.

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