Valley man searching for daughter missing in Brazil

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ - The search to find Michael Sanchez's daughter Emily is now entering its third year.

His daughter was two when her mother took her to Brazil against custody orders and he hasn't seen her since. She will be six in August.

"If I stopped looking what kind of dad would I be," he asks. "Sometimes it feels hopeless."

Sanchez said that over the years authorities in Brazil have made contact with the girl's mother and served her court paperwork to return the girl. Those orders have gone ignored.

Sanchez traveled to Brazil last year but was unsuccessful in reuniting with the girl.

Sanchez launched a campaign to bring awareness to his plight called Bring Emily Home . She also has an open case with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children .

Sanchez said he is gaining hope from another high profile missing child case that broke last week.

A 10-year-old Canadian boy who was kidnapped by his mother seven years ago was found at a Chandler laundromat when his mother was arrested for disorderly conduct.    

The boy is now being reunited with his father who arrived in the Valley Saturday.

"It is amazing to turn on the news and see a child found after so many months and years," Sanchez said. "It gives you hope."

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