Muddy mess, minor flooding create potential hazards after Valley storm

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ - Drivers may have to watch out for potential road hazards a day after a massive storm swept through the Valley.

In San Tan Valley, there was still minor flooding, road blocks, debris, and muddy roadways Monday morning.

Drivers were moving cautiously on Empire Boulevard between Ellsworth and Gary. Puddles and mud covered part of the road.

One driver found herself in a frustrating situation Monday. The woman attempted to make a U-turn when her front tire became stuck. Another driver pulled over and towed her out of the mud with some rope.

A Queen Creek maintenance worker pulled over to pick up a large piece of debris in the street. He said he found quite a bit driving around. 

Roads around San Tan Valley were flooded Sunday night.

One resident said her driveway was flooded. The water created a pool several inches deep and was the worst she had seen in 11 years, she said.

Road blocks were still up Monday morning near Empire and Gary. 

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