3 students hospitalized in San Tan Valley after taking cold medicine

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ - Three male high school students were hospitalized Tuesday morning after taking cold medicine while at school.

The incident happened at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley.

According to Colin Williams with Rural Metro, the students were experiencing side effects from taking the over-the counter medicine kids call "Triple C," "Red Devils," or "Skittles."

Officials say in addition to treating colds, the medicine is also used for high blood pressure and can do serious damage if you take too much.

School officials told ABC15 one of the students took nine pills.

The school called for help after that teen went to the nurse's office. He wasn't feeling well, nauseous and throwing up.

The teen admitted to taking the pills and told school officials his two friends took them too. Medics checked them all out. The teens' hearts were racing so they were taken into the hospital.

Firefighters say they've seen this before and parents need to be aware of how dangerous this simple medication can be, especially to young bodies.

"Children are taking them now to hallucinate, they also cause seizures, tumors, even death," said Rural Metro Fire Captain Mark Cichocki.

The school district doesn't know if the three boys took the drugs before or at school. Officials say all three live in the same foster home.

There is a strict no drug policy on campus. Officials say the teens could face suspension or expulsion depending on if they're repeat offenders or where they popped the pills.

All three students are expected to make a full recovery.

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