Woman who took photo of restrained child at Cholla Montessori Preschool speaks out

MESA, AZ - The woman who took a photo of a 2-year-old girl restrained in a blanket at a Mesa preschool is speaking out about the incident.

Bailey Turley had been working at the Cholla Montessori Preschool for four months.

She was shocked to see a fellow employee restrain a young girl Wednesday, wrapping her in a blanket so tightly so she couldn't move. She decided to take a photo and talked to her friends about how the situation made her uncomfortable.

"I showed them the picture of the little girl that was tied up and they asked me to send the picture to them so I did. I didn't think they were going to go to the police that night but they did and I'm kind of glad they did," Turley said.

Police acted on that information and showed up at the school Thursday only to find the same girl wrapped again in a blanket rendered immobile. She was sweaty but otherwise okay.

Turley showed up to work Friday but found she wasn't welcomed there anymore.

"I came into work this morning to see if I still had my job, I walked in and she was like 'what are you doing here?' and I said 'well I'm working' and she said 'no, I don't want you working here anymore."

Executive Director, Victoria Best with Montessori said Turley was not fired but told she wasn't needed that day.

The woman who was arrested in connection with the case , Lauren Miller, told police she did it because the little girl was biting the other children and waking them up during naptime. She didn't think she had done anything wrong.

Miller is facing two counts of child abuse and two counts of unlawful imprisonment.


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