Valley pilots Marge Thayer and Helen Wyrick win the 2013 Air Race Classic

MESA, AZ - Two Valley pilots are coming home trophy in hand. Marge Thayer and her copilot Helen Wyrick came in first place in the 2013 Air Race Classic.

The Air Race Classic is an all-woman trans-continental aviation race that usually stretches across 2,500 miles. 

Along the way, there are eight different checkpoints which must be passed by doing a dangerous fly-by at 200 feet of altitude.

Marge is far from a beginner at this race. After 28 years of flying, this 70-year-old pilot took home the trophy for the fourth time.

There is quite a bit of history to this all-women's race. It started back in 1929, with famed pilot Amelia Earhart riding in her open cockpit plane.

Ever since then, the race has changed its name a couple times, but has been known as the Air Race Classic for the last 37 years.

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