Valley man Travis Schureman on year-long mission to lose more than 200 pounds

ABC15 chronicles his weight loss journey

MESA, AZ - A Valley man inspired by ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" didn't need to be on TV to transform his body and life. 

I first introduced you to Travis Schureman in August. 

He lost 45 pounds in just two months by drinking two gallons of water, eating five meals and doing cardio workouts on a daily basis.

Now, he's nearly halfway through his mission and realizing that making this dream a reality can be both rewarding and ruthless.

"I just started feeling not so good. It just got worse. I went to the hospital," said Travis.

After months of intense workouts, overcoming the odds and celebrating in the midst of sacrifice, suddenly, a feeling of helplessness and defeat set in.

"This is Monday, I've been here for four days," Travis said in a home video taken in his hospital room.

An emergency appendectomy left Travis with a massive scar,  but the complications from that procedure set his weight loss plan back by more than six weeks.

"I thought back in my past. I would have quit. I had a reason. I had surgery they cut me wide open," Travis said.

But, Travis' trainer, Ammon Woods, wouldn't let that happen. He's a transformation specialist who consults with "Extreme Makeover's" Chris Powell.

"We talked, hey, if you follow the food plan exactly, you're not going to gain any weight," Ammon explained.

And that's exactly what happened.

Travis got back on track, refocused, worked harder than ever, always remembering his past struggles, while celebrating the small victories with a smile.

Now, Travis is down a whopping 114 pounds since he began his weight loss mission five months ago.

"You can tell he feels a lot better. He stands taller, holds his head a little higher," Ammon said.

It's a victory so immense, it's difficult to comprehend.

"I don't have to worry about getting kicked off the flight or buying an extra seat," Travis said in a home video taken on a flight to California.

For Travis, losing each pound represents losing a part of the oppressive lifestyle he'd come to accept.

"For the first time in probably seven years, I didn't have to ask for a seatbelt extender. Flying to Disneyland with my kids is amazing. I didn't have to worry about the rides. I fit on all of the rides," Travis said.

The joyous expressions of his little ones make you realize this journey is about more than the scale.

"I'm putting on my wedding ring for the first time in seven years," Travis said.

It's a journey that celebrates success, but demands sacrifice.

"I'm working out two times a day, running and cardio. I'm working a full-time job, coaching high school football and working out two to three times a week with Ammon," Travis said.

But, it's worth it. Losing one year, so he can have 60 more filled with these moments and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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