Travis Schureman update: Valley man finishes year-long weight loss mission

For the past 12 months, ABC15 has been chronicling the journey of a Valley man on a quest to transform his life. 

Inspired by the ABC show, "Extreme Weight Loss," he set an extreme goal: lose hundreds of pounds in just one year.

The final installment of this 3-part series shows us how one man, striving to do the impossible, proved what is possible.

"This is where we started," Travis Schureman points out. 

One year ago, he ventured on a treacherous two mile hike, along a rocky, windy, unpredictable path. And, it proved to be the very thing that helped him conquer the biggest challenge of his life.

"You guys wanted to see my job? This is my job?" Travis says sitting in the driver's seat of a bus in a home video he created to audition for the TV show "Extreme Weight Loss."

At 430 pounds, life was a constant struggle for Travis. Until one day, he chose to fight back.

With the help of friend and fitness coach, Ammon Woods, the year-long transformation began.

"3, 2, 1... Go! Get low, get low!" Ammon screams out.

Travis' year-long weight loss plan consisted of cardio every day, morning and night. Plus, high intensity gym workouts for 45-minutes, three times a week. That, mixed with five small meals and two gallons of water, the pounds started to fall off.

"The way these workouts work, they're so anaerobic, they're actually burning quite a few calories in the hours afterward," says Ammon, who's a transformation specialist.

Two months in ... "We've lost 45 pounds," Travis gloats.

But, in the midst of celebration, there was sacrifice.

"This is Monday, we've been here for five days," Travis says in a cellphone video he shot while sitting in a hospital bed.

Two surgeries, in the course of 12 months, proved to be a big setback. But, he never gave up.

"When you get up and see your kids and you talk to your kids, it makes it a little bit easier to continue on," he says.

Because they're the reason for the sacrifice. Their faces are with him when things get hard, and he can barely breathe, and the weight of this war seems just too heavy.

"Now we don't have to worry about him sleeping or that anything's wrong with him," says his daughter.

Chilling words for any father to hear. But it is what helps Travis push through the pain because he knows there's the promise of a brighter future. After only six months, Travis had lost 114 pounds.

"At some point, I wondered, 'aren't I good enough where I'm at? Can't I stop? Can't I be done?'" he wonders aloud.

But, that's when he's reminded of the little moments.

"I'm putting on my wedding ring for the first time in seven years," he says, capturing the moment on his cellphone camera.

Moments that becomes beautiful gifts.

"I didn't have to worry about the rides. I fit on all of the rides," he says after a trip to Disney World

It's a grueling journey that demands sacrifice, but celebrates success.

"It's the way they feel, their sense of humor, everything grows exponentially as they start to feel better about themselves," Ammon says about his clients who lose hundreds of pounds in just months.

12 months later, "I've lost 160 pounds," Travis says.

A total transformation that started one year ago with a two-mile hike

"We came back to this spot, and we ran the trail instead of walking it. I realized that day, there wasn't anything I couldn't do," Travis says.

An unbelievable victory, made possible by simply putting one foot in front of the other, despite the rocky, windy, unpredictable path.

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