Tempe murder suspect John Brazel's ex girlfriend says he was manipulative, shot her with BB gun

MESA, AZ - Katie Roesch said she used to date Tempe murder suspect John Brazel.

Pinal County Sheriff's office said the man wanted in connection to a shooting at a Tempe apartment complex died Friday morning after a chase and apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“He was very manipulative. He knew exactly what to say to you to get you to stay around,” Roesch said.

She added that when they first started dating four years ago, he seemed like a good catch.

Roesch said, “He was just friendly and he was just very good at making you feel comfortable.”

But that changed. A few months into their relationship Roesch said Brazel started acting distant. She said he would disappear for days and then apologize and beg her for forgiveness.

She said he seemed to be infatuated with his gun. Saying he would show it to her “to make sure I knew he had it. It was really creepy.”

One instance, she said, he went too far. “He shot me with a BB gun.” She said he was shooting pigeons with it when he asked her if he could shoot. She said no but when she turned around, she says he shot her in the leg.

She says his cheating is what busted up their six-month romance. But she learned he was very smart and it chilled her to think that being on the run from authorities was like playing cat and mouse to him.

"This was a game to him. And until he was going to get caught, I didn't see him stopping,” Roesch said.

She said she wants anyone in a bad relationship to get out as quickly as possible.

Roesch said, “If you have any tiny little feeling that something is just not right, to let it go. I'm certainly glad that I did.”

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