Storm tears roof off mobile home, knocks down trees

MESA, AZ - Storms in the southeast Valley brought rain, dust, and damage Monday night as the roof of a mobile home was torn off in Mesa.

Mesa Fire and Medical responded to the home, located near Broadway and Higley roads.

High winds at the Velda Rose County Side Estates Mobile Home Park caused the a portion of the roof of one structure to rip away and slam into a neighbors home causing extensive damage.

"We were concerned the whole house might go, you cannot imagine what that sounded like," said Billie Gardiner as she sifted through her home looking for documents.

Gardiner's roof gave way during the storm.

"Nobody is hurt, the house looks like heck and it be months to get it back in shape, but hey we'll be ok," said Gardiner.

The Mesa resident said it was a blessing nobody was injured, calling it a nice present.

"Well today's my birthday, yes and well God is taking care of us, and I'll have another place to live for while," said Gardiner while chuckling outside her home.

Mesa Fire crews on the scene say two mobile homes are not habitable due to the damage.

A woman inside the home that suffered the most damage is now receiving help from the Red Cross.

The other family effected by the damage is staying with relatives according to rescue crews on the scene.

Neighbors say the storm lasted only a few minutes but the wind was so intense the rain was blowing sideways at times.

Roof shingles and pieces of metal from the siding were strewn across the area.

Nobody was injured and crews say they will have to wait until sunrise before surveying the total damage to the homes.

Trees were knocked down in Chandler as well during the storm.

Dozens of tree limbs were scattered across parking lots and streets at Chandler Mall, and police and citizens used cars and chainsaws to move them out of the way.

"I've never seen anything like it," said Gary Joubert, who just moved here from Houston. He watched the storm from his car. "I saw trees flying around, I was shocked."

Joubert had parked right next to a woman whose car was smashed by a tree limb in the Chili's restaurant parking lot. Her husband had to come to the rescue with a chain saw to get the tree off her car.

Witnesses say the worst of the storm only lasted around 15 minutes.

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