Sheriff Babeu suggests allegations 'dirty politics'

MESA, AZ - In an interview with ABC15 Monday, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu came out swinging, strongly suggesting the story released about him is politically motivated.

"There are a lot of people who have an agenda to keep me out of Congress." said Babeu.

The Sheriff did interviews with local and national media on Monday. 

He brought paperwork detailing some of the correspondence he had with his ex-boyfriend who is going by "Jose". 

He questions the timing of the story and the very personal pictures that were released. 

"They were private and no one should be brought out that way."

The Sheriff claims his relationship with Jose ended last year and that his attorney had to send a cease and desist letter to Jose after he allegedly hacked into some personal accounts.

Sheriff Babeu claims he is up 10 points in the race for Arizona's 4th Congressional seat and vows to move forward with his campaign.

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