See one? 5 ways to handle javelina encounter

Javelinas are known to wander into Valley neighborhoods looking for food, water or even shade.

As the Valley grows, javelina encounters are getting more common.

And, while you could encounter a javelina almost any time of the year and almost anywhere in the Valley, these next three months are when you should really look out.

Mama javelinas, like humans, are very protective. They normally leave people alone, but they may mistake your dog for a coyote, a natural predator.

Arizona Game and Fish officials say if you see a javelina:

-Keep your distance. They are usually timid and will leave you alone.

-If you're with your dog, pick it up if you can. Javelina have horrible eye sight and if you're holding your pooch, they may not see it.

-If you can't do that, raise your arms and stand tall. Be as imposing as possible and make as much noise as you can.

-Another option is to carry a water bottle or water gun. Javelinas hate getting wet.

-And, if all else fails, run, but not in the opposite direction. Head perpendicular to where the charge is coming from.



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