Scott Graham gets probation, house arrest after cats turn up dead

MESA, AZ - A man who was caught snatching a cat from an East Valley neighborhood last year has been sentenced in a Mesa courtroom.

Scott Graham received three years' probation for theft, 30 days house arrest and counseling.

One family even had video proof that their cat was stolen before the pet turned up dead.

The Kalis family doesn't think the sentence goes far enough.

Amy Kalis said Biscuit was a family member they raised for 12 years.

Graham was caught on surveillance video taking Biscuit off the roof of a car and when they finally found the cat he was dead and had been mutilated, Kalis said.

"He destroyed the memory that I had of him, now I have the horrific image after identifying him of the crime against him," Kalis said. "I still believe he committed this crime against Biscuit and mutilated him and killed him."

Graham has maintained he never hurt the animals, saying that he played with them then released them.

But neighbors say several cats disappeared at the same time as Biscuit. Three were found dead.

The Kalis family is convinced Graham was involved in every instance.

Graham will undergo counseling and he can't return to the neighborhood.

ABC15 spoke to one of Graham's neighbors, Tricia Ferguson, who said her cat disappeared and she's sure he'll do this again.

"I don't feel my neighborhood is safe. What's it going to be, children next?"

Police said they did find cat hair, duct tape, gloves and plastic bags in Graham's garage and car.

Ultimately, no tests were done to match Graham with the dead animals and without enough direct evidence, animal cruelty charges were dropped.

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