Scott Andrew Graham, accused of mutilating and killing cats, to be arraigned in Mesa court

MESA, AZ - A man accused of mutilating and killing dozens of cats is due in court in Mesa today.

Scott Andrew Graham admits to taking up to 40 cats from a neighborhood, but he denies hurting them.

Graham is only facing theft charges and a lot of people are upset about that.

People who claim to be victims of Graham plan to gather outside the Mesa courthouse to protest this afternoon.

They say the city of Mesa lied and destroyed evidence in the case and it's making emotions run high in that community.

They say it's been happening for months, cats disappearing with some even turning up dead.

Now residents want justice to be served.

"I worked as hard as I could to get the pictures and the evidence and this location," one neighbor told ABC15.

They have proof in pictures and police have turned up evidence, all pointing to 30-year-old Graham.

He was arrested in connection with the cat killings, but today he's facing only misdemeanor theft charges after animal cruelty charges were dropped because the County Attorney said there wasn't enough evidence.

Police say Graham admitted to taking 30 to 40 cats but said he just played with them then let them go.

"It's ridiculous, a neighbor said. "We've got security footage of him petting a cat, picking it up, putting it in his car and a week later it's completely mutilated."

Graham is scheduled to be arraigned in municipal court at 3:45 p.m.

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