Road-eo highlights Arizona transit drivers

MESA, AZ - Public transit workers received recognition for being good drivers during the ‘Rural Transit Roadeo', part of the annual statewide transit conference.

An obstacle course, written test and safety skill demonstration were all part of the event to test the drivers' abilities in a friendly competition.

The 25 public transportation drivers had seven minutes to complete the course, which included maneuvering, backing up and braking.

ADOT's Director of Transit Programs, Mike Dormand said the event is also a way to show appreciation to the people who operate public transit services throughout Arizona communities.

The conference is sponsored by ADOT and the Arizona Transportation Association. Several local transit systems helped to put the Roadeo together.

This was the second annual Roadeo competition.

Last year, a driver from the Hopi Transit System took home first place.

This year's winner will represent Arizona in the competition in Indianapolis in June.

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