PD: Officers shoot dog after dog turns on owner

MESA, AZ - A dog turns on his owner and brutally starts attacking him.  It happened in a neighborhood near University and Adobe in Mesa. Neighbors say the man was struggling to get control.

"I still see the boy scream," said neighbor Rebecca Sanchez.

It was the desperate cry for help Rebecca Sanchez says she'll never forget.

"He was rolling right here. He was screaming, my dog turned on me, please help me," said Sanchez.

Police say a 22 year old man was walking his American Bulldog when the dog started to attack him.
The man was finally able to get his dog off him and tie him to this tree.  He then came running towards the Sanchez home for help.

"It sounded horrible, he just kept saying please help me sir, I don't want to die," said Sanchez.

"I told him everything was going to be ok, but he just kept worrying about his dog. He kept saying, they are going to kill my dog," said Johnny Sanchez, neighbor.

When police arrived, they say the dog was still extremely aggressive. We're told he started to grawl at officers and looked like he was about to attack. That is when police fired.

The dog was hit, but managed to get away.  Police are looking for the dog tonight. The owner is still recovering.

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