Passengers stuck on flight for hours trying to get from Las Vegas to Arizona

MESA, AZ - Passengers on a flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix ran into trouble when they got stuck on not just one but two planes trying to get to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in the East Valley.

They were stuck on the tarmac for hours with no water and no air conditioning in the desert heat.

Passengers say a couple of people got sick while sitting on the plane.

Cell phone video from Allegiant Air flight 592 shows a passenger lying in the aisle of the plane.

ABC15 was told she ended up getting oxygen from the flight crew because she was having a hard time breathing.

Passengers report they were stuck on the first plane for about an hour and a half.

They were put on a second plane and then got stuck on it for nearly an hour because of a mechanical problem.

Because of the heat, passengers tell ABC15 some people ended up a bloody nose, vomiting and passing out on the plane.

ABC15 and customers have reached out to Allegiant Air for answers but have not heard back.

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