Parents of murdered Mesa man hoping to raise $20K reward

MESA, AZ - On July 25, 2012, Elizabeth Cruz says her 26-year-old son David Cruz was probably up late working on his DJ music.

Cruz, known as "DJ Rico" for his Puerto Rican background, loved music and loved to create his own versions to play at parties and dances.

Just after 11 p.m., neighbors at an apartment complex near Brown Road and Mesa Drive heard gunfire and rushed to find Cruz shot dead.

Police have no witnesses and no suspects.

"It's been tough, not knowing," said Pedro Cruz, David's father.

"It was senseless. You go to bed at night and you wonder, you have nightmares…why? you just keep asking why?" said Elizabeth Cruz, David's mother as she clutches photos of David and letters from friends. "He was my baby."
The youngest of the Cruz's two children, Pedro and Elizabeth proudly talk about their son's musical talents, boasting how he would make his own beats and write his own lyrics.

"At first, it was like 'Oh my God, David what are you doing with this hip-hop?' But he actually drew me in, the way he did it and I liked it," Elizabeth added. "It was always Mom, Mom check this out, you gotta hear this…I'm never going to hear that again."

Elizabeth and Pedro are both tearful, but holding strong when they talk about all the things they'll miss about their son, from the phone calls to his quirky sayings to reassure them.

"He would tell me, 'No, Mom, everything is going to be okay, so everything is mashed potatoes and gravy,' and he would make me laugh with that, I will miss that, too."

Unable to sit idle, the family along with friends are planning a car wash for Saturday, August 18 at the Applebee's at Superstition Mall.

The money collected will go to the Silent Witness program's reward to catch David's killer(s).

Right now the reward sits at $1,000, but friends and family shout out that they hope to hit $20,000 to help police.

"We can't let it stay like this, we need to know. I want Justice, that's what I want," said Elizabeth.

If you would like to help the Cruz family's mission to help police catch the killer, a PayPal account has been set up at this link.

The family has also set up a Facebook page in his memory.

The car wash will be Saturday morning at Applebee's near Superstition Springs Mall, starting at 10 a.m. and go until the last car is clean.

Family and friends dream of being able to someday tell David's spirit, "Mashed potatoes and gravy," justice is done.

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