Mesa students pledge to not do drugs and alcohol

MESA, AZ - The Maricopa County Attorney's Office is visiting 10 high school football games in 10 weeks asking students to sign a pledge promising not to do drugs and alcohol.

Friday Night Football Patrol kicked off Friday night at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa.

Earlier in the day, student council members passed out pledges to students. Junior Kelly Erekson has no problem encouraging her peers to say no.

"Why, that's my main question," said Erekson . "Why do you do it? And they just say, oh you know, it's fun. It's like yeah, it's fun, you're ruining your health, you're putting your life in jeopardy. That doesn't sound like a fun thing to do on a Friday night to me."

Like many high schools across the Valley, prescription drug use has become a problem at Desert Ridge. The head coach of the football team asked his players to stop using and sign pledges.

"What we want from you guys during the course of this year is if you were on prescription drugs or whatever, surround yourself with teammates, make a commitment when you sign this," said Coach Hathcock.

He hopes the football team will make a positive impact, especially on kids like freshman like Kohby Halstead.

At just 14, he's already being pressured to do drugs. "Well I've had some people ask me before, but I just say no and turn it down," said Halstead.

He's going to sign a pledge, but admits sometimes it's hard to say no.

"You think like well maybe if I just do it once it won't mess me up, but it might, you just never know," he commented.

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