PD: Mesa mom unable to control her 'manic sexual rage' leaves child in park for hours

MESA, AZ - Police arrested a Mesa mother after she left her child in the park with "complete strangers" to satisfy her sexual urges Tuesday.

She has since been released from jail, according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. The circumstances surrounding her release are not yet known.

According to court documents, witnesses told police officers on Tuesday that 43-year-old Laura Lee Kelly left her child with two transients more than four hours in the afternoon heat without water at Evergreen Park off Country Club Drive near University Drive.

"We were in the park because we're always in the park, and we were drinkning beer and she came up and said can you watch my kid? Four hours later we still have the kid," said Ronald Baker, who claims he took care of Kelly's girl with Maureen Wilson.

"We didn't even know her," said Wilson. "Mr. Baker here walked across the street and got her gummy worms and gummy bears and said, 'Where's your Mom?' The owner of the store said, 'I think she's prostituting in front of my store,' so we had to watch the baby."

Police officers wrote that Kelly admitted to leaving her child and told them, "She came to the park and bought beers for some random strangers whom she later asked to watch her 6-year-old daughter while she went to make money."

Court papers also show Kelly told officers, "She had sex with one male and performed oral sex on another."

When officers first approached Kelly she was sitting in a grassy area with a male. He told officers Kelly was "coming and going all afternoon and even asked him if he 'wanted to (expletive)'".

Kelly, an instructional assistant at Whitmann Elementary, works for Mesa Public Schools. According to court papers, she later admitted to officers it was a bad idea to leave her child with with complete strangers she provided alcohol to.

According to the documents, "she felt a manic sexual rage inside of her which she cannot control and needed to have sex."

Mesa Public School District released a statement saying Kelly is on paid leave while they investigate the 'serious' charges against her.

Kelly was charged with child abuse.

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