Mesa man impaled on four-inch pool fence survives

MESA, AZ - A man in his early 20s is expected to recover after he was impaled on a pool fence in Mesa Sunday.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. in a condominium complex near Alma School Road and University Drive.

It appears the man was climbing the fence, lost his footing and fell directly onto the metal tip of the fence.

"I heard a moan and a scream and I walked outside and saw him there with the fleur de lis completely in his neck and jaw area," said Katherine Metz.

Metz, a retired registered nurse, said she rushed to the man and held his head.

"His feet were on the ground, but the entire tip and three of the four side barbs were in his neck and jaw area," said Metz while pointing to the side of her face.

Metz and another witness told ABC15 it did not appear as though the man lived in the complex because he was climbing the fence out of the pool area that residents access with a key.

"He was spitting up blood and at times it was like his knees were giving out, so I just held his head as much as I could," said Metz while standing next to the portion of the fence removed by first responders.

Mesa Fire Spokesman Randall Roether told ABC15 the man was impaled through his jaw and no vital organs were involved. 

It took rescue crews 20 minutes to free the man and the four-inch fleur de lis came out as the man was placed on the gurney. 

The man was taken to Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center after rescue crews cut the metal fencing from the wall, according to the Mesa Fire Department.

"I am so happy to hear he is going to be ok," said Metz. "He was in shock, but alert and thing is, there wasn't a lot of blood."

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