Mesa golfers play through downed trees and debris

MESA, AZ - Golfers in Mesa played a new course Tuesday, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Monday's storms knocked down trees, created a big puddle in the middle of the back nine, and left all kinds of trash and debris on the course.

"You have to kind of clean up so you can putt on them, it's just a mess," said golfer Dianne Nelson.

Nelson's been a member of the Sunland Village Golf Club for 11 years and has never seen so much damage.

"We have excuses now, for our bad shots," Nelson said.

The Sunland Village Golf Club crew took ABC15 on a tour Tuesday to view all the damage.

Nelson and the rest of the golfers played around the new obstacles, while crews worked to remove them.

Workers cut up two massive eucalyptus trees that were completely uprooted.

They also drained the pond to avoid mosquitos. Ron Wilson said it could take a day or more to clean the entire course, but golfers don't seem to mind.

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