Mesa community manager concerned about two bills presented in Arizona Legislature

MESA, AZ - A Mesa Homeowners Association is not happy with two bills being considered by the Arizona Legislature.

The Arizona Legislature is considering HB 2695 and SB 1482, which provide a series of changes to homeowners' association statutes.

Dave Russell, the community manager for the Circle Tree Condominiums HOA in Mesa, believes the two bills will open HOAs to criminals.

The bills only require unit owners to turn over the name, contact information, period of lease, and license plate numbers to the HOA, Russell says.

Right now, Russel's HOA requires unit owners to do criminal background checks.

"We won't know who's living next door," said Russell.

There's also a provision that would prevent HOAs from requiring tenants to fill out a crime free lease addendum, which would give associations the ability to evict tenants who commit crimes on or off property grounds. 

But civil attorney Nat Nickeli said while HOAs should have the ability to evict tenants who commit dangerous felonies, he's seen HOA addendums that allow tenants to be evicted for minor violations.

"My main concern is the overreaching nature of HOAs," said Nickeli. "Grounds for eviction could be violating HOA rules such as you leaving your trash can out."

You can follow the bills at .

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