Investigators try new tactic to crack decade-old cold case

Investigators of a cold case are trying a new tactic to crack it.

In October of 2003, Lisa Guerrieri and Brandon Rumbaugh went camping to celebrate their one year anniversary.

But they never came home. Two days later, the couple was found shot to death in a pickup truck.

All of these years later, there are no leads in their murders.

Paula Gurrieri lost her daughter Lisa at just 19 years old. She's left with memories -- and a lot of questions.

"It's been terrible. It's been a long, long, almost 10 years," she said. "They were just two innocent kids. And to have something like this happen to them, it was very hard."

Over the years, she watched frustrated as the case turned cold.

"There of course isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her. And miss her and wish she was here," Gurrieri said, crying.

On Monday, Yavapai County investigators will try to crack the case again. They'll enter ballistics information into a database that could help solve the case. Gurrieri is hoping for the best.

"It'll bring a little bit of closure, of course it's not going to bring them back," she said.

Gurrieri says the hole in her heart is there for good. But after nearly 10 years without answers, she's had enough.

"It's not fair that the person who did this, or persons, are out there enjoying a free life. Enjoying their lives. While Lisa and Brandon's lives were cut so short," she said.

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