Heart transplant helps get Valley dancer back on her feet

MESA, AZ - Mia Welch's entire life has been dedicated to dance. It has always been something that has been there for her, whether she's happy or sad.

But after one of her performances, Mia was experiencing some things she has never felt before: pain in her liver area and shortness of breath.  At the age of only 20, Mia was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Without being able to eat or sleep, Mia ended up losing 50 pounds. She found it difficult to even walk to the bathroom without being out of breath.

Mia ended up having surgery at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

This is where she first received her artificial heart. It was one of only 34 artificial hearts ever given at Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

"I felt so much better so fast. I could breathe. I could feel my body, my face wasn't white and my lips weren't blue. I felt alive again," said Mia.  

After a couple of years, Mia was matched with a donor to receive a new heart.

After a successful operation, Mia's life has been slowly returning back to normal. 

She is now back on the dance floor, performing in front of large audiences, and could not be happier.

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