Group protests Maricopa County Animal Care and Control during adoption event

MESA, AZ - Two groups were at odds Saturday in Mesa, both fighting to save the lives of animals in the Valley.

Former volunteers of Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and animal rights activists protested in the afternoon along 8th Street near Loop 101.

They marched in front of the shelter, asking drivers to honk in support of their cause.

They fought for a no-kill reform at the shelter, all happening while the shelter was holding a special adoption event with discounted rates.

The group is accusing the shelter of killing healthy, adoptable animals.

"I was a volunteer here for a year and a half. I was kicked out because I have a voice for the animals," a protester said.

Staff at the shelter say those accusations are far from the truth.

"They are more than welcome to volunteer if they like, if they're unhappy with some of the conditions going on in the shelter," a member with the shelter said.

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