Fireworks stands targets for crooks

MESA, AZ - Firework stand operators are on alert for those who may think their temporary tents are an easy target.

A Mesa fireworks stand operator recently foiled a burglary at his fireworks tent and says it is a common problem in the industry.

"We always have it in the back of our minds," said Richard Breckenridge who runs a stand in Mesa near Power and McKellips Roads.

Breckenridge said late Thursday night, someone tried to come underneath his tent flap to grab some fireworks on the table.

What they didn't know is that Breckenridge was manning the tent.

"They took off saying 'sorry' and I reported it to police," he said.

Breckenridge said operators nationwide are always on alert for this kind of theft and potential danger.  

Most stands are put up in well lit and highly populated parking lots and some even have security fences. Many are manned or monitored 24/7.

Mesa and Phoenix police did not report any major problems or high numbers of these types of incidents and fortunately, are unaware of anything violent happening.

Breckenridge said some crimes may not be reported especially if there is little, if anything, stolen. 

He urges all operators to be cautious.

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