Employees of Monsterland Bar and Grill in Mesa hoping to buy restaurant for $300,000

MESA, AZ - Three employees of Monsterland Bar and Grill in downtown Mesa are trying to gather the funds to purchase the restaurant since it is due to close down after this weekend.

"This is where I feel comfortable," said the manager, Dan DeWolf, who is one of the employees hoping to buy it.

The trio told ABC15 it will cost about $300,000 to takeover the business, but need donations and investors to make that work.

"It's kind of like working on the set of a horror movie," DeWolf said.

The restaurant, which DeWolf told ABC15 opened in April, is a horror-themed restaurant that ran into financial difficulty after Halloween.

"It's just, business wasn't there," said DeWolf.

The bar and grill are planning farewell events this weekend.

Donations are accepted on their indiegogo website .

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