Dog rescue holding fundraiser for disabled veteran whose dog was injured in a hit-and-run

He served his country in Vietnam and now the community is serving him. A Mesa man says his dog is recovering from a hit-and-run last month. Now, a Valley non-profit is stepping in to help.  
They've raised some money for Frank Russo but now they're reaching out for more support.  
Russo was out with his dog on Thanksgiving when it somehow ended up in the street. Frank ran after him, but not before a driver hit the animal and took off.
"I kinda jumped outta the way," Russo said, "It was scary."
But his dog Sonny wasn't as lucky.  
"He was wondering what was going on when he couldn't walk, and he didn't cry and he didn't yell, he handled it pretty good," Russo said.
Sonny now limps around on three legs. His left hind leg, still healing.
Russo says it would've cost $2,000 to amputate Sonny's leg or $4,000 for the surgery to fix it. He just didn't have that kind of money lying around the house, so he thought he was going to have to put him down.
But the veterinary hospital contacted Jennifer Stone for help. She owns the Freedom Tails Animal Rescue.  
"They asked us what we could do," she says, "and I said give me an hour and I'll see what we can come up with."
Stone put together a fundraiser online and Sonny ended up at Dobson Ranch, the only hospital they found that would take payments instead of all the cash up front.
"He's a disabled vet and he's done so much for the country already," said Stone. "And then to see his dog suffering like that since Thanksgiving, he deserved a second chance."
A chance he doesn't take for granted. An emotional situation for Russo who rescued the dog two years ago.  
"He's my buddy," Russo said wiping the tears from his face. "I just want to thank the people that did help so far. I want to thank the whole valley for helping."
As of Friday, the fundraiser had brought in more than $1,250 to pay the vet for the surgery, but there could be more costs if there are more surgeries.
If you'd like to donate, you can go to the website . On Saturday, $5,227 had been raised, according to's website.
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