Comic book dealer wants to save Mesa restaurant 'Monsterland' from closing

MESA, AZ - A monster-themed restaurant that shut down over the weekend due to financial problems may get a second chance.
Mesa's Monsterland Bar and Grill held its "going out of business" party on Saturday. Now, a Tempe comic book store owner may be able to bring the monsters back to life.
"I'm not looking to reinvent the wheel," said Marco Regalado of Pop Culture Paradise Comics and Games. "I'm just looking to fine tune it."
The restaurant, which opened last April, features thousands of dollars worth of animated monsters. The business fell onto hard times after Halloween and Regalado feels that the right vision will turn things around.
"Super heroes and monsters kind of go together," he said. 
Regalado may have to invest $300,000 to be able to take over the business. If all goes well in talks with the owner, Monsterland could reopen again in a couple weeks.
"The place was always so busy," he said. "I couldn't understand why it wasn't doing better."


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